10 Best Kodi Addons to Watch 4K Movies and TV Shows in 2023


Best Kodi Addons watch 4K Movies and TV Shows: Kodi addons offer the best links for streaming tv shows and movies to their users. The addons come into two forms, free streaming links and paid links which in most cases are gotten through the use of Real Debrid, Premiumize.me or Trakt authorize.

Most Kodi addons that utilize free servers don’t have super fast connections and transmission speeds. Even if they do, they take too long to pull out the content for smooth streaming. But luckily, they are quite a number of these addons that still work best when it comes to Pulling 4K content on your Kodi device.

If you are here, the chances are, you’ve searched for the best Kodi addons for free 4K content streaming. If my guess is right, then in this article, we’ve gathered the 10 best Kodi addons for 4K movies and TV Shows. We also show you how to install these addons with no stress.

So without wasting much time, below are the 10 Best Kodi Addons to Watch 4K Movies and TV Shows in 2023.


Exodus Redux

The Exodus Redux addon went down some months back and was recently back with an update to fix the TVDb errors. The latest version of the addon ( version 2.0.3) comes with some changes including the Replacement of Lambdascrapers with Openscrapers.

Other changes are: Enabled “My Lists” by default, Added Greek + English provider option, Module version 2.0.3, Fixed Trakt and IMDB lists, Openscrapers 0.0.2, and Lambdascrapers replacement. See the full guide on how to install the Exodus Redux Addon here.

The Crew

The crew is a Kodi addon found in the ” The Crew Repository” which has quite a great sections for Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, IPTV, Fitness,1 Click, Stand Up Comedy, Tools, Search, and more.

The addon has been updated to the latest version of V.1.6.0. This update comes with some Scraper updates, cfscrape update, Duplicate link checker, added Ororo, removed dead settings, Updated Dutch translation. Install the Crew Kodi addon to enjoy 4K streaming on your Kodi Box.


The Venom Kodi addon is one of the popular add-ons for movies, tv shows, and Recently Aired Content. Being among the popular working addons in the Kodi community, the Venom addon has been receiving frequent add-on updates and new code development, which is making it much better. Each update comes with a new section or improves other features to keep the addon in a good state.

The latest updated version to the Venom Kodi addon is v3.6.4. and when you look at the changelog, you will realize the new update comes with some changes and improvements to the previous version. Visit this page to install the latest version of the venom Kodi addon.


Seren is one new entrance to the Kodi addons community which is Coded completely from scratch. Located under the Nixgates Repo, Seren uses Real-Debrid or Premiumize.me link options to pull out streams of content 4K for movies and TV shows.

The addon also allows you to cache torrents and download content to watch offline. The latest version of the Seren addon is V.0.1.04 and as stated, it’s still in the beta form but with great content to stream when connected with the various accounts. Visit this article to see the guide on how to install the Seren addon.

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Scrubs was consistently voted one of the best addons of 2019. Offering a massive range of TV Shows and movies, as well as documentaries and boxsets. Scrubs has great variety and stability.

Unlike other addons you won’t find a specific 4K section, so if you want to find HD and 4K links you’re going to want to connect it to your Real Debrid account unless you want to trawl through links or just settle for SD.

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon Kodi addon is one of the best and most popular add-ons in the Kodi community. This addon has gone through some updates in other to stay relevant to the streaming community.

The magic dragon add-on can found in the Diamond Wizard Repo, or from the EzzerMac repo. In this guide, we are going to install The Magic Dragon from the Diamond Wizard Repo. Get the full installation steps here.


The Gaia Kodi Addon is one of the popular multi-source addons in the Kodi community that has integration with Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and other premium sources. It is used for streaming movies, shows, documentaries, and short films from a variety of sources, such as torrents, Usenet, hosters, and video streaming services. Gaia is optimized for premium services such as Orion, Premiumize, OffCloud, RealDebrid, and EasyNews.

Gaia emerges in the year 2017 after the original Bubbles developer decided to quit the project. Within the period of operation, the Gaia addon has been developed to become faster. The latest update of the Gaia addon is v5.2.7 which comes to fixes some bugs found from the last updates. Install the latest version of Gaia Kodi Addon following the steps in this article.

Scrubs v2

Scrubs was among the best addon of 2020 offering great and quality movies and TV Shows.  A fork of a popular and now retired multi-scraper add-on. The addon has plenty of links and support torrent. The addon also has support for or Debrid and Trakt. See the full guide on how to install the scrubs v2 Kodi addon.


Limitless Kodi Addon is currently among the best working add-ons that you can use to enjoy some great free channels on your Kodi Android Device and Amazon firestick.  It’s an all-in-one add-on from the Luxury Repository with great content for your consumption. The Limitless Kodi addon has a Real Debrid Lounge section with Quick links for Debrid. The latest version of the Limitless addon is version v4.4. Install Limitless Kodi addon from the guide here.

Nole Cinema

See how to install the Nole Cinema Kodi addon here 

Please note that, in other for most of these addons to work as expected or stream the 4K content smoothing, you will be required to connect your Debrid and other accounts. Nevertheless, they still offer all the great content for your consumption.

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