100% How To Get Google Adsense Approval In Just One Day In 2020


Have you been struggling with google AdSense approval? Do you know getting approved with AdSense is as easy as you may think? If No, then just take it from here, getting AdSense approval is not all that difficult as many have made it look so. All you have to do is to follow some simple dos and don’ts and you’ll get your account approved in no time. Yes, there are some important things every blog owner who wants to monetize his or her blog with AdSense has to do.  These things are going to discuss in this article.

Get A Custom Domain

Even though Google has not explicitly stated that you must use a custom domain before they can approve your blog into their partnership program, but from my experience with the AdSense and some expects opinions, custom domains make your site looks more professional and using it to apply for AdSense can increase your chance of getting approved quick and fast. Custom domains are domains with the extension.com,.org,.net, .info. using a domain like yourdomain.wordpress.com makes your site looks unprofessional and that can undermine your application hence the need a custom domain like yourdomain.com

Add The 3 Relevant Pages

As part of the requirement for approval of Google AdSense, the blog must have well design navigation and also must provide value to the users/readers. In my opinion, AdSense is looking for clarity. They want every webmaster to make his blog have a purpose and also state how readers can get in touch with the webmaster in case the needs arise. Webmasters also need to explicitly state the blog privacy policy. You should state how you protect the visitor’s data and also how cookies work on your site for privacy purposes.

Get A Well Designs Theme (Free or Paid)

Getting a well-looking blog interface is another thing that can help book your domain on the AdSense partnership program. Make sure when a visitor lands on your site he or she will love the look of the side.  The impression that a visitor has for your blog the very first time they stumble upon your site Should be a good one. This can be done by installing a well-looking theme if you are on WordPress or BlogSpot. when people like your site design, they might overlook some of the petty mistakes you may have made on the site content.

Have At Least 8 Well Written Articles

After passing through the above thee things, you cannot get approved until you have some well-written content with no copyrighted materials on your blog. I know a lot of you might have heard of this several times that content is the king. Yes, it is true no blog will be approved on the AdSense partnership program with insufficient or copyrighted materials. So in other to get approved by AdSense, you are should consider having a well written and original content of your own. Do not copy and paste. Even if you are not all that good in writing articles, try and write in simple English. No need to complicate things. As an aspiring webmaster, you must learn to write original content.

Submit Your Blog to Search Console: Google webmaster tools is one of the best tools every webmaster can use to get their blog pages’ index on google.  As part of some of the reasons why your application was disapproved is the webmaster policy. Before you apply for google AdSense, make sure you have submitted your blog to the google search console and that, some of your blog pages have already been index by google search with no Brocken links. Sometimes, some pages on the blog lead visitors to 404 pages and that can be considered as under construction website. Google will not approve any site which is still under construction into the AdSense Partnership program. So Make sure to solve all these issues before applying for the AdSense program

Some Misconceptions About AdSense

Domain Must Be Six Months Old: from my experience with AdSense, domain age doesn’t matter when it comes to AdSense approval. Previously, it’s one of the factors by these days it’s not. Since I and most of my friends got approved with barely 2 weeks old domains.

Must have 20+ Articles: There is a misconception that you must have at least 20+ articles before you can get approved. This, in my opinion, is not true since I know a friend who got his AdSense account approved with only 3 articles of 2000+ words each. Myself, one of my domains got approved with only 8 articles. All you have to do is to make sure you have the original content of at least 1000+ articles.

Have a Decent Amount of Visitors to Your Blog:  some webmaster also states that you must have a decent amount of traffic before you can get approved. To be frank with you, that’s not the case. Traffic does not matter when it comes to AdSense approval in 2020.

Must-Have Custom Email: other industry players also made mention that you must use a custom/professional email when applying for AdSense. Email such as info@yourdomain.com. Yeah if you have those email fine, you can use to apply. But otherwise use your Gmail to apply since AdSense is own by google and google also own Gmail. They will even prefer Gmail to other emails when applying for their partnership program.

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