Best Crypto Wallet For 2022: Save Bitcoin, Altcoin and NFTs


Best Crypto Wallet For 2022: Save Bitcoin, Altcoin, and NFTs: 

Crypto wallet is one of the crucial aspects of starting with a cryptocurrency investment/trading.

Just like our normal wallet where we save money for day-to-day transactions, cryptocurrency wallets an also used to send and receive a cryptocurrency.

There are several factors one needs to consider before you select a crypto wallet.

In this article, we are going to look at what to look for before you select a crypto wallet and what crypto wallets to use.

Factors to Consider before Selecting a crypto wallet.


In today’s digital worlds security is one of the things you should consider first before choosing any crypto wallet. Before installing a wallet, you must make sure that the wallet has no history of being hacked, or shows a vulnerability sign that may expose your digital currency to hackers.

Buy/Sell or Swap

A wallet is considered helpful or best if it allows you to easily buy and sell or swap from one currency to another.

Coin support

This is crucial because you may want to consider how many coins does the wallet support. If a crypto wallet supports only a few coins, then you may not want to use it. There are thousands of coins today and if a wallet can not support at least half of these coins, then you should because you’ll want to hold all your coins in one wallet instead of splitting them into different wallets.

Staking/Saving For Passive Income

Staking and saving cryptocurrencies to earn passive income is one of the features that most crypto wallets now have. You may not want to save your cryptocurrencies in a wallet that doesn’t allow you to earn passive income. Most of the crypto wallets pay you interest for keeping your money in them for some certain period. just like you earn interest when you save your money in the bank, today, in crypto spheres, you can also earn money-saving your cryptocurrencies in some of the wallets.

NFT Support

Just like coin support, you may want to also use a wallet that has NFT support. NFTs are now evolving and as a crypto user, you will have to use a wallet that you can keep both your coins and collectible NFTs at the same time.

Different types of Wallet You Should consider

Custodial wallets
Non-custodial wallets
Hardware wallets

Custodial wallets

These are wallets that are associated with an exchange or a company. Custodial wallets are simple to use. They are beginner friends and can easily be retrieved once you lost your login details. The only downside of these wallets is that they don’t give you full control of your currencies. Your funds can be frozen or blocked by the exchange from which you are signing the wallet. Another downside of this wallet is that, once something happens to the exchange where you save your wallet, your money can also be affected. Other than that, custodial wallets are very convenient and they worked just like the normal accounts we use.

Non-Custodial wallets

This type of wallet gives you full control of your coins. You are the only one who has access to the wallet and the funds. Unlike the Custodial wallets, Using this wallet, no one can know how much money you have on your account. When you lost your fund, you can recover it using the seed phrase. This is a back of 12 words that are given to you when creating the wallet. The seed phrase is the only way you can use to back up your assets should in case something happens. So it’s your sole duty to keep the seed phrase safe because anyone who has access to the phrase can recover your fund from the separate wallet and withdraw all the money inside.

Best Custodial wallets You can Use

Best Non Custodial wallets You can Use

  • Trust Wallet
  • MetaMask
  • Coinomi

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