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Movies have become an integral part of every human. People watch movies to refresh their minds from the tiredness and stress of the day’s work. Most people have taken the pleasure of watching all the latest movies on their smartphones. They can not do without them.

Are you on an iOS device and looking for the best free apps to watch all your favorite movies, Tv shows and Cinema on a go? Do you know there are thousands of apps on the store That serves this purpose? There are many apps on the AppStore you can use to watch all your favorite movies on the iOS devices. But getting the right one sometimes becomes a hectic task and that’s why we took our time to bring to you these two new best movie apps.

In this article, we are going to look at the 2 best movie apps for iOS devices. These apps come directly from the App Store so you will not have to worry about them getting revoked. Also, no jailbreak is required to install and use these apps. Below are the 2 best apps for watching movies on an iOS device. Give them a try.

Movies Home

Movies Home App is a rich electronic library of movies, TV shows, and trailers. With Trailer Wiki, users can now reach information about various movies and TV series. You can search for a certain movie by typing its name on the search box or on the movie list.  Using this app, you can search to see the listed wiki for over 100000 famous actors, Toprate movies trailer, Upcoming movies trailer, now playing movie trailer. There many movies that are now in the Public Domain, and therefore, you can enjoy them for free). Movie Home app also automatically adds any new films that lose their rights and become of the public domain for you to enjoy.

My Movies 

This is the fastest, easiest way to find and discover TV shows, movies on your device. On this app, movies are categorized as Action, Adventure, Horror, Crime, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Drama, Musical, War, Science fiction and more. You can also sort your movies list by Popular Movies, Top Rated Movies, Now Playing in cinema box theaters and more.

Key Features Of My Movie App:

– Simple and modern design

– UTV movie and TV show database

– Search for box office movies

– Discover the most popular, top-rated movie and TV show

– Official movie trailers and teasers

– Show movies with the cast in the movie

– Show relative movies at the current movie

– Daily update movies

– Play trailer or get movies details

– Get cinema around your location, and direct to it

See the visual representation of these apps below:

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