Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 To Be Launch Next Week (5th August)


Samsung has confirmed the introduction of its new smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. However, the company did not mention how it will reveal the device but only give the date to showcase the next smartwatch to be 5 august at 10 a.m ET.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been leaked constantly over in February this year and from what we gathered, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is made from leather.

Samsung will be sharing all of the details at 10 AM ET or midnight ACT which will be on August 6 for those in Australia on the said date.

As mentioned earlier, it’s still unclear as to how the announcement of the new device will come in. but many speculated that Samsung may just announce the product on its website.

From the reports gathered, many are saying that Galaxy Watch Active 2 may have a round  design and an ECG feature that’s similar to the Apple Watch Series 4, That Samsung might also offer a 4G LTE version of the device in addition to a Bluetooth model

A 20-second teaser video was seen on Samsung’s website showcasing the new Samsung smartwatch together with its new Galaxy Tab S6. The video only displayed the devices in shadows, in which one can clearly tell that the Galaxy watch Active 2 has a round screen.

Even though Samsung didn’t say the name of the new smartwatch is Galaxy watch Active 2, the video description gives a glimpse of the name of this new device. The description reads, “Say hello to the new Galaxy Watch, your assistant to keep you fit and on top of your day.

Many of the design elements of the earlier Galaxy Watch Active are expected to be similar to this next-gen version.

The company didn’t say which features we should expect neither do they say how much the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will cost.

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