How To Accept Mobile Money Payment On Webstore In Ghana And Other Africa Country


E-commerce is getting much easier and better as days passed by.  A lot of people are venturing into this form of business.

The e-commerce sphere offers a great opportunity for anyone to start making money at the comfort of their home.

With the coming into being of the dropshipping business, a lot of people are now making money at the comfort of their home.

The dropshipping business today is one of the lowest and cheapest ways that anyone can start and make a living from.

With the availability of well-developed software’s, the dropshipping business has turned to be the easier business you can set up within some few hours.

Dropshipping platforms such as Shopify and the Alidropship/WordPress are now the best platform to run any dropshipping business on.

But the sad thing is that the platform does not favor most drop shippers when it comes to the payment gateways.

Most of the payment gateways offered by this platform are not designed to capture some customer’s choice.

For instance, an Africa buyer on a dropshipping store will find it difficult to pay for the product since he/she might not be having PayPal account which is the primary payment for most of the dropshipping store.

Come to think of it, a lot of people from my country Ghana, are willing to start the dropshipping business but because of the payment gateway being offered, they are not able to start one.

Thanks to the advancement in the Fintech, today quite a few payment gateways have been developed to tackle this problem and in this article, we will be discussing them.

These systems can be used on any of the e-commerce platforms for mobile money transaction.

This means you can integrate this software on any web store in other to process a mobile transaction on your store.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive straight to the point.

There are five payment gateways that anyone can use to process mobile money payment on his/her web store.

As a store owner in Ghana or any of the Africa country, you can use one of these five company software and integrate them on your store to start collecting mobile money payment from customers.

The platforms are:

  1. Rave.
  2. Hubtel
  3. Slydepay
  4. Ipaygh
  5. expresspay

Let’s look at each one of this and then will see the best among them.


The first on the list is rave.

Rave is an online payment processing website that anyone can use and accept payment online.

Just like stripe which is the most popular payment gateway for visa/credit card processing.

Rave is purposely designed to solve the problems that many Africa online entrepreneurs are facing when it comes to mobile payment.

Popular online shopping platform like jumia and other big brands uses rave for its transaction.

Previously, the platform didn’t get much attention.


But as the demand for mobile payments increased there comes the invention of the rave mobile payment.

Rave can be used to accept mobile money payment either from MTN, VODAPHONE, AirtelTigo and also can be the use of banks payment using visa card.

You can connect your bank account to the rave account if you want to receive your process money in your bank account.

The rave platform by far is one of the best platforms today when it comes to mobile money processing on a web store.

If your store is on Woocomerce/ WordPress, you can easily integrate this payment gateway by installing the free rave plugin from the WordPress directories.

With no setup or monthly fees, you can start right away and only pay for transactions you accept.

Check the rave site here.



Hubtel is the second website that you can use to process mobile money payment in Ghana.

The hubtel platform used to be the only mobile money processing platform until rave popup.

What I don’t like about the hubtel is the fact that, before you can use it to process a mobile transaction on your web store, you must your business must be located at Accra the Ghana capital or Tema.

This means anyone whose business is not located in any of the above-mentioned cities, that person cannot use the hubtel platform for his online mobile money processing.

The hubtel platform also has a WordPress plugin that you can install on your Woocomerce store and use to process the mobile payment.

This Woocomerce payment gateway allows merchants to add Hubtel Payments to their WordPress websites and receive card and mobile money payments from their customers.

Check the hubtel platform here.



iPay is another platform that allows individuals and businesses to easily accept and make payments for a variety of services in Africa.

It is the simplest, safer and speedy way to pay and get paid online, via mobile devices in local currencies.

Users are not required to create an account on this platform before they can use the service offer.

You don’t need to load your wallet online before using the platform.

The cost of operating with this platform is also minimal and this will help increase sales and maximize your profit.



If you’re looking to receive payments on your online website, then slydepay is another option for you. The slydepay platform comes to solve the problem that many entrepreneurs and store owners faced when it comes to accepting payment online.  You can easily Slydepay on any website and start to process transactions on your website right away.


The App is easy to use, Secure and You can receive payment from multiple wallets from the account.





Final word

The advancement in Fintech and the improvement in artificial intelligent has now brought every aspiring online entrepreneurs dream to their doorsteps.

Previously, A lot of business owners in Ghana and other Africa countries were left out when it comes to online payment.

I can remember when i started my first dropshipping store in the year 2014, I find it difficult to process momo transactions on my store.

During that period, I tried stripe but was decline since that platform is not yet available in my country. But thanks to this new emerging platform, today I can comfortably Accept Mobile Money Payment from the store.

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