How To Check if an iPhone is Original or Fake


The Apple iPhone market today is getting more customers due to its improvement in functions and features. As days passed, people turn to demand these devices and that has caused some unscrupulous manufacturers to enter into the iPhone market. If you are fond of iPhone and looking to buy a new device, then you should be aware that, there are a lot of fake iPhones out there.

You cannot just go to the used market to buy an iPhone and expect 100% genuinely. Unless you go to a satisfied iPhone dealer, you should always try to be vigilant if you decide to buy your iPhone from a third party. To be able to differentiate between original and fake iPhones, you should consider reading this article to the end. The post will show you some of the things you should look for before placing an iPhone order.

Today it is more difficult to spot an imitated iPhone because these third-party manufacturers keep on improving their products to look similar to that of apple. Previously, most people look at the below-listed things to be able to differentiate between the fake and original iOS device:

  • Model Number (The model number for the original iPhone should look like “MkUQ3LL/A)
  • Buttons( Original iPhone’s sleep/wake button are at the top right corner, while the volume & ringer switch is on the upper left side)
  • the screen (The screen of the original iPhone is clear and not pixelated)
  • Apple logo ( iPhone logo should be seen at the back of the phone)
  • welcome screen (original iPhone shows the Apple logo only, but fake has a “welcome” written)
  • screws (original iPhone uses pentalobe security screw )
  • the font (Original iPhone should have a clear font)
  • Number of SIM cards used (original iPhone us one SIM)
  • Camera quality.
  • the serial number (Original iPhone Start with “M”)
  • the memory capacity (Original has no memory slot)
  • Check for Siri (fake iPhone has no Siri)
  • the operating system (should be iOS)
  • Try to connect to iTunes (You can connect to iTunes with the original iPhone)
  • Multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Check the built-in applications (Original should have Compact, Compass, Settings, Calculator, Music, and Photos)

Above are some of the simple things one can quickly use to easily determine either the iPhone he/she is about buying is original or fake. But it is worth knowing that, Some of these things can sometimes be deceptive since these deceitful developers are now good in their imitation. So in other to be sure that the iPhone is really genuine, you should consider the below final check. This is by way of confirming the purchase date of the deceive and its validity from the apple device check page using the device serial number. To do that you need to follow the below steps.

  • First, go to Settings
  • Choose General
  • Select About
  • Scroll down till you see Serial Number.

How to Get iPhone Serial Number

After getting the serial number, write it down and then head over to the mobile validity checkup page from this link.

Once you are on the page, you will see a section where you are required to enter the serial number. Enter the number you’re copied and next to it will be a captcha code verification. Make sure to enter the right captcha and then click on the check button.

Service coverage

Now your phone results will be displayed to you. From the results, you will see the validity.


If you receive a message saying “We’re sorry but this serial number is not valid….” Then its most likely the device you’ve purchased is fake.

More Checks Are:

iPhone Box Label

Every original iPhone should have this label on its box label or at the down bottom of the device “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China”


 iPhone Model Number

Go to Settings-> General-> About. The model number will look something like “MkUQ3LL/A”. The first letter of the model number specifies the TYPE of the device:

  • M – The device is a brand new iPhone.
  • F – Refurbished device
  • R – Replacement device
  • P – Personalized device

Alight, this is a simple step on How To Check if an iPhone is Original or Fake. Hope you find this post helpful if you do please share this post on all the social platform you find yourself including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you for sharing and see you once again.

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