How to Clean Up Messy Contacts The Best Way in iPhone: 2023 Tips


Your smartphone device accumulates a lot of unnecessary contact entries over time in the form of duplicate contacts and zombie entries. It not only increases contact search time but also occupies precious storage space for no good reason. In the previous post, we talked about  How to Delete Duplicated Files From Your Android Device. You can read this post from the above link if you did not get the chance to read it earlier. So In this article, we will discuss ways to clean up messy contacts on iPhones.

There are many ways by which one can remove duplicate contacts on his or her iPhone. You can clean up your messy contacts either by using the default apps on your phone or by using third-party apps which can be installed from the iPhone store. If you are encountered with messy contacts on your iPhone and you want to get rid of this mess, then below are some of the solutions to your problem.

Use Contacts App:

Using the Contacts app on your smartphone you can simply add, edit or remove any contact. It allows you to do this one-by-one contact entry. To use the contacts app on your device to remove unnecessary entries you may need to follow these steps.

  • Go to the Contact list on your smartphone.
  • Scroll down the list to find a duplicate, zombie, and other unnecessary entries. Once you locate the entries to remove click on the selected contact to view details.
  • Tap the “Edit” button in the top-right corner of the screen to start editing the selected contact.
  • Scroll down to find the “Delete Contact” option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on it and confirm it to delete the selected contact.

Following this simple process, you can select and remove unnecessary contacts one by one. Further, once you delete any contact from the contact’s list it will remove the selected entry from other accounts (like iCloud account) as well that are synced with your address book.

Use Duplicate Contact Remover App:

Using the contacts app on your device to clean unnecessary entries may help you get rid of duplicate contacts or zombie entries effortlessly but it takes a lot of time and effort. You may need to ice your aching fingers when you are done removing unnecessary contact entries from your address book.

To deal with this issue, the next best solution available is to use duplicate contacts remover apps. These apps work on advanced techniques and smart algorithms to find and remove all unnecessary entries accumulated on your device instantly and accurately. These tools help you reduce your manual efforts and save time as well. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools to clean up messy contacts on the iPhone.

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts:

First on the list is Cleanup Duplicate Contacts, which works as an effective contact management solution for your address book to clean and organize messy contacts lists. This tool is used to manage your contacts both on the iPhone and iPad. You can use this tool to configure the merge level of the contacts. It allows you to merge contacts from the address book with a 100% match or contacts which match partially. It helps you find and remove all identical contact automatically. It even displays a preview of selected contact before you decide to remove them.

It is a useful tool to seamlessly manage and organize your address book. It helps you merge and manage partial contacts under a single entry for improved contact management. You can even use this tool to manage your contacts with Gmail and iCloud accounts. It allows you to manage up to 5000 contacts in just 45 seconds which makes it really fast and effective. Further, it allows you to create a backup of the contact list before deletion.

Tuneup Contacts:

Use Tuneup Contacts to delete duplicate contacts in iPhone effortlessly. This state-of-the-art tool helps you scan your address book to find, merge and remove unnecessary contacts including identical and zombie entries. Further, it allows you to share contacts and create contact groups for better contact management. Additionally, you can take a backup of your contacts before you start editing them. It helps you avoid the deletion of some important contact. Using this tool, you can batch edit or delete contacts, and merge or share contacts seamlessly. This amazing contacts management app helps you reduce contact search time and better manage your address book.

Contacts Manager by FullContact:

Contacts Manager works on multiple platforms including iOS, Mac, PC, and other smartphone devices to help you organize your address book seamlessly. It further supports different other accounts including Gmail, Office365, Twitter, Exchange, and local address book. It allows you to consolidate contacts across web and sync changes in real time. Likewise, other apps also allow you to back up your contacts before editing. It allows you to tag your multiple contacts for easy access. Further, you can use this tool to merge & manage contacts and add notes to contacts. Additionally, it adds social profiles, photos, and other details on your contacts under a single entry to help you know the contact better.


This simple process of finding and removing unnecessary contacts on your device address book can help you get to organize your contacts list effortlessly. It is useful to reduce contact search time for improved performance. You can perform manual cleaning of unnecessary contacts but it takes a lot of time & effort. Thus, duplicate contact remover apps can help you get an organized address book automatically.

Summary: Some simple manual steps on your device can help you remove unnecessary contacts effortlessly. Further, you can use duplicate contact remover apps to get an organized address book on your iPhone. Let’s discuss ways to clean up messy contacts on iPhone.

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