How to Decide Who Adds You To A WhatsApp Group


How to Decide Who Adds You To A WhatsApp Group:

WhatsApp group is one of the most utilize section in the WhatsApp messenger. The group feature makes it possible to collaborate and deliberate on a common issue at a time.

The feature was rolled in the earlier updates of the WhatsApp messenger and for these periods of existence, it has been improved to do many functions.


In the recent updates, it has come with a new feature that let you a user to choose or decide who should add you to a group. Most people feel unease when they are being added to a group without their consent.

If you are one of such people, then maybe your plight has been considered by the app developers and today they have given you the ability to decide who should add you to the group. In this post, we are going to look at how this will be working.

How to Make The Decision:

As I said in earlier, this feature is seen in the latest version of WhatsApp. So in other to have the feature, you should get the latest WhatsApp update on Google PlayStore.

Once the latest version of WhatsApp is installed, Open the app and go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups. Here, you have three options to choose from:


Taking this option will allow anyone who has your number to add you to a group even if you don’t have his or her number in your phonebook.

My Contacts

This features will tell WhatsApp that you only want to be added to a group by a person who is in your phone book. In that case, whenever a person tries to add you to a group, and his/her number is not in your book, he/she will not be able to do so. Thus, WhatsApp will not allow that person to do that.


The “Nobody” option prevents users from adding you into WhatsApp groups. Selecting the ‘Nobody’ option means, you are telling WhatsApp not to allow anybody to add you to a group. This means even your contacts can’t add you to a group. To join any group, you must be given that group link. That’s an invitation to join the group will have to be sent, requesting you to join. This sent link will expire after three days and that means you will not be able to use that link once the said number of days reached.

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Wrapping Up

With that being said, This is where we come to an end of this post. If you always get added to a group which you don’t want to be in, then I hope this simple guide will be of help to you.

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