How to Save High Data Consumption on iPhone, iPad and iOS Devices


Being on the iOS operating systems and surfing the internet consumes much data as compared to some of the operating systems. For instance, on Android, the data consumption rate is minimal as compared to iPhone devices.

Many a time, users of the iOS devices do complain of this high rate of data consumption on their iPhones and iPad devices.

If you are a user of this device and looking for a way to minimize the data usage on your iOS device then you are on the right page.

In this short but concise article, we are going to see how to save data consumption on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. so without further wasting time let’s begin.

We are not going to use any third-party software or app in achieving this.

There is a built-in setting on your iPhone and iOS devices that you can easily tap on to do the necessary settings.

Follow the below steps for the settings.

First, go to Settings on your app menus.

Now scroll down to Mobile data and then look for Mobile data options.

Mobile data options

Now under the Mobile data options submenu, you will see “Low Data Mode”, by default it will be turned Off. Turn it on by tapping on the toggle.

Mobile data options

Once the Low Data Mode toggle is ON, you are done. Your data consumption on that iPhone or iOS device will be low henceforth.

Low Data Mode

Please Note: Once you turn ON the Low Data Mode, Your internet connectivity speed might also have a small effect. Meaning, you might experience a decrease in your internet connection speed.

Whats Low Data Mode?

Low data Mode helps reduce WiFi and mobile data usage. When Low Data Mode is Turned on, automatic updates and background tasks such as photo synching are paused.

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