How To Watch IPTV On Samsung Smart TV With Free m3uPlaylist


Do you own a Samsung smart tv? Do you know you can watch live IPTV channels with a free daily m3uplaylist? If no, then I will tell you this, you can watch free IPTV channels using your Samsung and Lg smart tv. All you have to do is to follow the steps below to in other to get the best setup for your smart tv IPTV app.

First of all, you need to make sure you have an internet connection. Once you have that connection, then you will have to then navigate to the Samsung store and then search for “SMART IPTV” in the search bar.

Now click on install and then wait for the app to install. After the app has successfully installed, you can choose to move the SMART IPTV App to the Main Home Menu and then you click on it to open.

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Now, once the app is opened, you will be given a free day trial and this will give you the chance to view most of the channel and have some experience with the app. Here our goal is to integrate the m3u Playlist with the app so we are going to see how to do that.

To integrate the m3u Playlist with the smart IPTV, you need to first have to make sure you copy your Mac Address from the Smart IPTV App.


You can get the address from the smart IPTV app once is opened. see the above screenshot for the details.

after you have gotten the address, the next step is to  Go to SIPTV Page.    

On this page, you will need to Enter your MAC address in the indicated field (MAC). Upload your m3u playlist file OR paste the link to the m3u playlist in the URL section as shown in the below screen.

Now the final step is for you to go back to the SMART IPTV App and reload if everything goes right, you should have all channels in your uploaded m3u playlist files loaded on the SMARR IPTV.


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  1. Khaled says

    Hi I wonder how to reload my channels and to to reset my smart iptv app please thanks regards.

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