How to Get Instant Money From MTN (QwikLoan)


There are instances when you may be in need of instant cash to solve your problem but the circumstance surrounding you will not yield positive results.

This can be due to insufficient funds in your mobile money wallet, or other situations beyond your control. What so is the case, you can get sorted with the MTN instant cash offer.

MTN Mobile Money service has become the number one leading mobile banking service in Ghana that most people can’t do without. It gives its users the flexibility they need to get the best out our their financial transactions.

With the MTN Qwik loan service, Subscribers can borrow money from MTN and payback within the given time. But the only thing that comes with the borrowing is the small interest charged.

Like any other lender institution, MTN also charges for the Qwikloan they give to their customers. So its good to know that, when paying back the loan, you will need to pay plus the interest.

Are we together? If yes, then let’s now look at How to Get Instant Cash From MTN (QwikLoan).

There are few steps to follow in getting the instant loan from MTN. These steps are covered in the below paragraphs. Follow the below steps carefully in order to get instant cash from MTN.

Steps to apply for MTN QwikLoan

  • First, open your Phone dialer and Dial *170# 
  • Now, you’ll be shown the MoMo Menus. Navigate to option 5( Financial Services)
  • The next step is to choose option 3 ( loans)
  • Once you are in that menu, choose option 1  (Qwikloan)
  • Continue by choosing option 1 (Request Loan)
  • Here, select the amount you want and then Confirm your repayment plan (Number of days to payback)
  • Now enter your secret Mobile Money Pin to finish up the process

Once your request is approved, you would receive an SMS confirming the Loan Amount, the Repayment Amount, the Interest Rate and the due date for repayment.

It is worth noting that, the Loan payment must be done within 30days of borrowing. The Repayment interest rate for the Qwick loan is 7%, but if you fail to pay back the loan within the stipulated period, the rate will be increased and that will make the total amount to be paid back be huge. So its good to pay back the loan in time to avoid further charges.

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