What is An Android Smart TV and What Can You Do With It?


What is an Android Smart TV and What Can You Do With It?

According to Statista.com, manufacturers will have sold around 266 million Smart TV units globally by 2025. The demand for Smart TVs is increasing with every passing day due to the many exquisite features that they come with. Thanks to my home Wi-Fi and Spectrum deals, I can stream many exclusive shows on my TV. Previously, I used to request a video-on-demand service on my cable connection. Life is much easier now!

For today’s audience, Android Smart TVs present a world of opportunities. A better viewing experience, HD displays, support for apps, and much more make them the first preference among buyers! Live Sports, new movies, and streaming apps find themselves enhancing the user experience on Android Smart TVs. Read on below to find out everything about Smart TVs!

Android TV – What is It?

An Android Smart TV, as the name implies, operates on Google’s popular operating system Android. Customized for TV, the OS allows you to interact with your TV in quite a mobile-like manner. You can connect your TV to the internet and stream your favorite shows, play your go-to games, or listen to your dearest music soundtracks! Most Smart TVs come with HD displays and Dolby sound integration! This means that you will get better sound quality as well as better screen quality compared to other TVs in the business!

Get Recommendations for Movies and Shows

Since the TV has an in-built OS i.e., Android, you can get recommendations for what to watch as well. Make sure to use YouTube, Hulu, or other streaming apps to watch your favorite content. These apps will notify you of movies or videos that may interest you based on your search behavior. If you want to turn this feature off, you can easily do so in settings!

Integrate Google Assistant for Easy Access

Most Android Smart TVs come with Google Assistant integration. What does this mean? This means that you can give voice commands to your connected TV from your phone. As a result, you can conveniently play any content of your liking without having to use a physical remote. This feature comes in very handy. Simply connect both your mobile and TV to the same Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go! Have a look at the following commands that you can give with the help of Google Assistant:

  • Play music
  • Pause media
  • Resume media
  • Stop media
  • Open apps
  • Request for movie casts
  • Check weather

One of the best features of a Smart TV is its immersive gaming experience. Yes, you can play games on your TV. Either by downloading them or by casting your device. It’s just up to you. Arcade, 3D racing, adventure-based games, or puzzle games, you can play them all on your Android Smart TV!

Built-in Chromecast

It’s not necessary to play everything directly on the TV. There is an option of playing your phone media on TV by casting it. Interesting, right? From movies to games and soundtracks to pictures, you can cast everything. In Android Smart TVs, Chromecast is already built-in. Therefore, you can easily cast any of your favorite entertainment or gaming apps on the TV. Moreover, you can also download other casting apps to have an even better experience.

Smart Integration with Smart Devices

Perhaps, one of the best parts about Smart TVs is their ability to connect with other smart devices in your home. So, you want to turn the temperature of your living room down? No issue! Just integrate your assistant on your Smart TV NEST to adjust the temperature. To turn off the lights, all you have to do is connect with Philips Hue or similar products! Easy, right? In order to enjoy a fully connected smart home experience, Smart TVs are a must!

Think of Smart TVs as siblings of smartphones. More or less, you get to customize the devices to your heart’s fill! Use them wisely and watch quality entertainment content in your free time! With the endless amount of customization options, take your home living standards to the very next level!

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