TOWIE’s James Diags and Elma Pazar Break Up


Reality TV personality James Bennewith, aka “Diags,” is well known in the UK thanks to his time spent on TOWIE.

Diags originally appeared on TOWIE in 2012 as Joey Essex’s best friend. His complicated love life and strong friendships with Joey, Tom Pearce, Dan Edgar, and James ‘Arg’ Argent have all been explored on the show.

In June 2022, Elma Pazar joined the cast of TOWIE. In August, the show’s 30th series aired. It depicted the cast on a holiday in the Dominican Republic. That’s where we witness the chemistry between Elma and Diags.

How it all Began

Elma and Diags had already known each other for four years before being reunited on the show.

Their flirtatious exchanges began in the pilot episode of the 30th season. Chloe Meadows, their co-star, joined them for drinks and gushed about how cute they were together. But Elma quickly friendzoned Diags.

During the time they were filming the series, she was in a relationship. In a recent interview, Diags remarked, “I was spending so much time with her, and we were getting along, but I’m not like that; I would never break up someone’s relationship. So, it was sort of like the forbidden fruit. I was declaring my love for her, and she was in love with another geezer.” 

However, before the end of the show, Elma announced that she was no longer in a relationship. She then hinted at a romantic connection between her and Diags. They went on a few dates, but ultimately nothing came of it.

Diags Reassures Elma 

Elma and Diags became closer in TOWIE episode 11 while on a group vacation to Thailand. Elma was reassured by Diags that he was not seeing any other women in Thailand.

Although they never committed to a serious relationship, viewers of the show could see that they were more than just friends as they kissed and went on dates together. Elma, on the other hand, wasn’t sure of her relationship status with him. When she finally admitted to herself that she was being dishonest about the relationship’s problems, she burst into tears.

Following the events of the show, fans are left wondering: does Elma TOWIE have a boyfriend? The answer is no. Instead of jumping into relationships to see where it goes, she decided to focus on herself and spend some time single.

Latest Developments on TOWIE

After the series was over, their relationship didn’t go anywhere. You had been shown that they were happy in Thailand, but Elma was sad for most of the trip.

Elma and Diags stayed friends, but their relationship didn’t work out. Even though they were not dating at the time, she was hurt by the rumors that Diags was cheating on her.

Diags was seen kissing another woman in a bar on a night out. There are pictures all over the internet of him grabbing the woman’s hips and them holding hands. This happened when episode 11 came out. In that episode, Elma and Diags are shown to be close, so it made a big stir online.

Elma felt disappointed by the whole thing. With the shows airing, the cheating rumors spreading, and people sending her all kinds of messages and clips, she was led to relive her failed romance.

Was it All a Public Stunt?

Some people think that the relationship between TOWIE Diags and Elma was just a show for the public. Reality TV shows often force relationships because that’s what people want to see. So, fans have a right to think that their romance was a publicity stunt.

Elma and Diags have known each other for a long time and dated on and off, both in real life and on television. Fans may be frustrated because they were rooting for them to get together, and when they didn’t, it made them upset.

There’s no way to know for sure if it was all real or not unless one of them comes forward, and even then, fans might think it was all a publicity stunt. But no matter what happened, they were able to stay friends, and they should be given an opportunity to put their failed romance behind them.


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