How to Easily Remove Background of Any Picture without Using Photoshop


How to Easily Remove Background of Any Picture without Photoshop

Getting rid of photo background is not an easy task especially to those who are not all that good in using Photoshop.

There are instances where you take a picture and the picture background doesn’t look good.

Maybe you have pictures whose background is not plain but want to use it to design a flyer or a banner.

In this case, you have two options:

Use Adobe Photoshop to separate the background from the foreground picture or use coral draw to do so.

These two software are what most designers use for background removal.

Using this software for background removing can be tedious and time wasting if you are not a professional.

As a tech lover, I always want to find new things that can make my life simple and easy.

Recently, I came in contact with an amazing way to remove the background of an image within a few seconds without using any software.

The background of the image will be removed and look professional as it will be using Adobe Photoshop.

If you are here, you may have been looking for the easiest way to remove the background of your pictures.

Now I want to tell you that you are on the right page. We are going to see the easiest way in this post.

There is a free website that can help you remove any background from your picture.

The website is 100% free to use. No sign up require.

How to Easily Remove Background of Any Picture without Using PS
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All you have to do is to just upload the picture and then leave the rest to the site bot.

The picture background will be professionally removed and then you will be given the chance to download and save the final work on your local drive.

Let’s look at how this work:

How it works

First, you need to open your web browser either on phone or PC.

Then type this URL in the address bar.

Once you type the URL, you will be taken to the website homepage.

How to Easily Remove Background of Any Picture without Using PS

Now, once you are on the homepage, you will see a button with that say “select photo” and “Enter a URL”.

Click on the Select Photo Button and then a new “file upload box” will open for you to choose the file you want to remove the background.

Select the image and then upload.

Now, wait for the magical thing to happen.

The site will automatically remove any unwanted background from your image and the original image and the processed image are displayed back to you.

You can then download the removed background image.

The downloaded processed background image will come with a transparent background.

Now you can use the image on any editing software and then continue with your design.

Wrapping up

Gone were the days where one spend hour after hour trying to separate foregrounds from backgrounds. Today with the advancement in technology you can separate the background from the main picture within a few seconds.

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