How To Transfer Video From PC To iPhone Without Using Cable & iTunes


In this short post,  I’m going to show you how you can transfer videos and photos from your windows-based PC to your iPhone or iPad without using a cable.  We’re going to use wifi together with a free app called VLC player that can be found in the apple store.

First, you have to install the app from Appstore.

Once you’ve installed the VLC player, you have to make sure that both your iPhone or iPad is on the same wifi connection as your PC computer.

Now open the VLC player and head over to the top left-hand corner you’ll see  “sharing via WiFi”, tap on the icon to toggle ON the little switch.

VLC to iPhone

Once you toggle ON the icon, you’ll be presented with some number(IP). Take note of that number because we’re going to need it for the next step.

Now the Next thing to do is open up the browser on your desktop computer.

Once you’re on the browser you go to the address bar and just like you were going to type in a website address,  type the number instead and then hit enter on the keyboard.

Transfer over WiFI

Doing that will open up the VLC in the browser. But is important to make sure that your phone and VLC player are open because once you start to transfer files and your VLC is close on the phone, you might get an error.

So make sure that VLC stays open whiles you’re trying to do everything on your desktop

Now using the VLC browser you’ll get two option, thus to either drag and drop files onto the browser or download files on your desktop or you can go up to the top right-hand corner and click on the plus icon and that’s going to open up the box that allows you to go search for the files that you want to pull into the VLC browser.

Transfer From PC to iPhon

The moment the videos go inside of the VLC browser, it will start transferring those files to your device and this is the part you have to make sure that your device is still open.

Transfer Video From PC To iPhone Without Using Cable & iTunes

After the files have finished transferring you can check them on your device.

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