5 Simple WhatsApp Tips You May Want to Know in 2021


Simple WhatsApp Tips: There are over a billion people throughout the world using WhatsApp to stay in touch with each other. Each month, the developers of WhatsApp always update the app with new features in order to improve its functionality. Today, Individuals and businesses use WhatsApp as their primary source of communication.

As a WhatsApp user, do you know Do you know that the app has many secrets features embedded which are only known to a few of the users?

I may want to believe that you may or you may not know all the secrets of this great popular App. So in this article am going to reveal some Simple WhatsApp Tips to you. I encourage you to read the article with much attention. If you find any difficulty or any issue with regards to the post, feel free to contact us through the comment box and we will address the issue for you.

How to broadcast message to all or multiple contacts once

Do you know you can send message to multiple contacts at once without having to send one at a time? Yes, WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to do that. And below are the steps that you have to follow in order to send a message to all or multiple contacts on your WhatsApp at once.

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Once the app is opened, Tap on the Menu Button to open the main menu
  • In the menu, locate and Select New Broadcast
  • Tap to select each of the contacts that you want to send the bulk message to
  • When you are done with the selection Tap on the green checkmark located at the bottom of your phone screen.
  • After tapping on the checkmark, WhatsApp will open the message screen with all the selected contacts as recipients. Now you can start to write the message you want to send to those selected contacts.

Note! You are only allowed to broadcast messages with contacts that have your phone number saved in their phonebook. This has been done to protect users from getting spam messages from unknown persons.

How to Bold, italic and strike through a text in WhatsApp


WhatsApp has now given us a chance to bold, italic and strikethrough a text without any difficulty. You can easily type and format your text when chatting with a friend on WhatsApp. Just follow the instructions below in order to do that.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Select the person you want to send the message to
  • Bold a text, just add the “Asterix” “*” before and after the text that you want to bold.
  • Italic a text add (underscore) *_* before the word or text and it will appear in italic form
  • Strikethrough a text add (tilde) *-* before and after the word or text and it will strike through for you.

How to Upload profile picture without cropping on WhatsApp

As we all know WhatsApp does not allow setting of profile picture whose size is more than 640 X 640. This is not a satisfactory condition to some of us since in the process of cropping the picture we might eliminate some vital part of the picture in order to comply with the requirement of the app. If you are wondering as to whether there is a way to set WhatsApp full-size Profile picture without cropping and you happen to land on this page, then you are on the right page because am going to show you how you can do that with the use of some third-party apps that you can download on the playstore for free.

There are many apps on the playstore that seems to serve this function. But most of them do not. So throughout my several weeks of surfing the store, I then came across the two most effective apps that can help you to achieve your goal.

First app: #square droid             

This app enables you to edit your picture in the square which is the same size as the WhatsApp picture requirement. The app when install can be used to edit any picture with a blur background border effect on the photo.  The pictures that are edited with this app can be used for any other app that requires square fit photos. You can rotate, scale and fit your photo with the app and also it has the Instant sharing feature which allows you to share the edited picture to your favorite apps with  few touches

Second app: No crop

This app has a similar function with the square droid app. But the only difference is that With No Crop, you can edit your photos with multiple filters, effects and smiley emojis to make your photos more attractive and awesome. You can also add text to your photo with many 3D emoticons, Emoji Arts, fonts to make the photo super attractive.

How to turn off the blue ticks on the chat screen

The two blue ticks on the WhatsApp chat means that your message has been read by the receiver or the recipient.  If you are the sender of the message and you see the blue ticks on your chat screen without getting a reply for a long time means the person has seen your message but has not just replied.

Also if you are the recipient and you don’t want to be seen as a bad person or you don’t want to be tagged as someone who does not reply to messages you can now avoid that by following the steps below. This will guide you to deactivate the curse of the two blue ticks.

  • Open WhatsApp and tap on the option
  • Under option navigate to settings and locate the account
  • Then look for Privacy and tap on it. You will see read receipts being checked by default.
  • Now what you need to do is unchecked it.
  • After unchecking the box that’s all now no one will be able to know whether you have read his or her message or not.

But note that when you disable the read receipt option on your WhatsApp you cannot also see if your messages have been read or not. What you will see is the two ash tick which only tells you that your message has been sent. But as to whether it has been read or not that one you cannot tell.

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How to hide WhatsApp images from the gallery

  • Go to file manager and tap on the SD card
  • Look for a folder named WhatsApp, tap it to rename
  • Now place a “.” In front of the WhatsApp folder
  • Now go back and check whether you will see the folder. The folder will be hidden from the file manager and the gallery.
  • Now go to unhide the folder, tap on the menu and select show hidden files. Locate the folder and remove the dot in front of the folder and that should display back the folder on the file manager and it will also show on the gallery.

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