Things That Can lead to Your Disqualification in the Green Card Lottery (Dv Lottery 2021)


The Us Green Card lottery program is much competitive and as an applicant, you must make sure you don’t do things that will decrease your chance of winning the Card.

Many are those who had the chance to go to the united state through the DV Lottery Program but due to some petty mistakes done during the registration process these applicants were denied a visa.

As a new applicant, you must make sure you do the right thing right from the application stage. Below are some of the things that may lead to your disqualification of the the program. make sure to go through and do the right thing if you want to increase your chance of being selected.

  • Listing an incorrect country of eligibility (i.e., one to which you cannot establish a valid claim).
  • Failure to meet education or work experience requirements. If it is determined that an individual did not meet this requirement, the entry will be disqualified at the time of permanent resident visa (green card) interview. No visa will be issued to the entrant or his/her family members.
  • The program requires that each entrant submits only one entry. The State Department says it uses sophisticated technology to detect multiple entries. Entrants with multiple entries will be disqualified. If you received a confirmation number, then your entry was submitted and recorded and you should not enter another one.
  • Entering false, inaccurate, or invalid passport numbers will lead to disqualification.
  • Failure to list your eligible spouse, or listing someone who is not your spouse, is grounds for disqualification. The State Department stated that if you are not married at the time of entry but plan on getting married in the future, you should not list a spouse on your entry form as this would be grounds for disqualification. However, if your spouse is a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, you should not list him/her in the entry. Entries that are not correct or complete will be disqualified.


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