Vodafone Ghana Special Internet Bundle offer: All you need to know


Many internet service subscribers in Ghana cannot afford to purchase the bundle of their choice due to the high prices with less bundle allocation. Previously, the Vodafone X offer was what many of Vodafone internet service provider’s users used to enjoy because that gives quite a decent amount of bundle with affordable prices. But now that the price of these packages has been increased, without any increase in the data allocation, the previous users have turned to look for some alternatives.

Surprisingly, there are other internet subscriptions offer by the Vodafone Ghana internet service providers which most people don’t know about. Many of the users are stuck to the old method of the bundle without knowing there are other alternatives that promise value for money.

A recently introduced Vodafone cash special bundle has become an alternative to the Vodafone X. Most users prefer the special bundle as compared to Vodafone X, simply because they consumed a lot of data. If you are a person like me who uses a lot of data for your daily activities, then the best option you can go for is the Vodafone special bundle offer.

What Is Vodafone Ghana Special Internet Bundle?

The special bundle is a kind of bundle introduced by Vodafone Ghana which is only accessible by Vodacash users. This means the bundle can be purchased only if you register for the Vodafone cash service.

What’s Special About This Bundle?

The Vodafone special bundle has two packages available that reward a subscriber with a 500MB data bundle for only 1ghc and another offer which rewards a subscriber with 1.5GB data for only 2ghc. The two packages last for 24hrs.

How Can I Register For The Special Bundle?

As I said, the Vodafone Ghana Special Internet Bundle can only be accessible by Vodafone cash users. So to have access to the special bundle offer, you’ll have to register for the Vodafone cash service. It’s simple and easy to register for Vodafone Cash. All you need is to have a Vodafone SIM, then visit any of the Vodafone centers with your national identification card and then have your SIM registered for the service. You can also register yourself by simply sending an SMS “Register” to the shortcode “110”, then follow the rest of the steps to complete the process. You can also fill the online registration form here to get your SIM registered

Once you register for the Vodafone cash service, you can now proceed to subscribe for the Vodafone special bundle.

How To Subscribe For Special Bundle

  • First, open your phone call dialer and dial *110#
  • Now you will be displayed with the various option,
  • Select option 3(Buy Airtime or Data)
  • From the next screen, select option 3(Special offers)
  • Now select your preferred choice
  • Then choose whether you want to buy for yourself or for others
  • Select the package of your choice on the next screen and then enter your PIN to confirm the purchase.
  • After a successful purchase of the bundle, you will receive a congratulation message from Vodafone.

 What Makes People Go For The Special Bundle

Let’s look at this scenario, the Vodafone X bundle cost ghc15.99 for 2.7GB worth of data which lasts for 30 days. Now considering the special bundle. If you are going to purchase ghc2 for 1.5GB and this bundle is to last for 24hrs. With simple mathematics, you can see that the ghc15.99 can get you 12GB worth of bundle which will last for 8days (15.99/2 = 8 and 1.5*8=12). This I think is a fair deal because you can use the data the way you want without limitation.

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