What Is An Android TV Box & What are the uses of Android Box?


If you’re thinking of buying an Android TV box or just want to know what an android tv box is, then I highly recommend you read this post to the end. This post will tell you what is an android tv box and also answer some of the common things you need to know about Android TV boxes.

Android TV boxes are still quite new in our part of the world and many people out there just don’t know what exactly it is and what it can do. So I decided to write this post to help you understand this product better, what it can do for you, and a few common questions which people need to know. So today I’ll be sharing with you the most useful Android TV box tips.

 What is an Android TV box?

Android Tv Box

An Android TV box is basically a full version of Android in a box that you can connect to a TV via HDMI. You can then enjoy many useful apps on the big screen like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Amazon Prime videos, and many more. You will also have access to the full Google Play store where you can download hundreds and thousands of free games and apps.

Are Android TV boxes legal?

There is a misconception that these TV boxes are illegal. In fact, these boxes are actually not illegal. You can buy the box and download any app from the Google play store and you are not breaking the law. There is so much legitimate content available both paid and free.

However, some people like to modify the box by installing third-party apps which are not available in the play store. Apps like Show box, Kodi builds Mobdrob, and many more. These apps will let you watch the latest movies in HD and 4K.  If you do install any of these third-party apps then it is obviously illegal. So stick to the google play store and you are not breaking the law.

Can I Stream Content In 4K on Netflix and YouTube?

4k On Netflix and YouTube
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Most People automatically assume that YouTube and Netflix will stream 4K on these Boxes. Well, this is actually not true. Only TV boxes licensed by Google can stream 4K content from Netflix and YouTube. For example, the NVidia Shield TV, show me a box and the Amazon Fire TV can stream 4K.

Can I legally Watch Free Movies and live TV?

Yes, there are many apps in the playstore that let you enjoy free legal legitimate movies such as YouTube, crackle, popcorn flix, Tubi TV, and many more. for live and catch app TV, you can use the SPB TV, BBC Live player, ITV hub,  Demand Five, and many more.

Can I Play Games on this Device?

Play Game

Yes, you can. There are hundreds and thousands of free and paid games available in the play store. However, there is also a library of more graphically intense games such as modern combat 5, GTA San Andreas, asphalt eight, and many more. The lineup of big games is forever growing so if you’re looking to play any of these types of big games, we would highly recommend a more powerful G. P. U device. But if you’re not bothered about gaming or just want a casual game of angry birds across the roads and the MALI T450 is more than sufficient.

Can I Play Movies or Videos From a USB drive?


Yes, you can play all videos and audio formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, etc. You can play your movies videos or photos from a USB port, Micro card slot, you can attach up to 4 USB drives and access all your multimedia very nicely on display and share it on the big screen.

What Video Codecs & Formats are supported?

Android TV boxes can run any video format you want. But for smooth play, we highly recommend using the latest version of Kodi as it has all the video and audio codecs built in. So the best media player to enjoy all the video and audio formats have to be Kodi media player which is a free app available from the play store. Another great option is the VLC media player which is also a free app available from the play store.

What Video Resolutions are supported?

The TV box can run any video format but most TV boxes can easily run  720p to 1080P videos with no issues. however, if you plan on watching ultra HD 4K videos then you need to consider buying a mid to high-end Android TV box that will have sufficient spaces to run 4k nice and smooth.

Does More RAM Matter?

RAM is very important for multi-tasking but not only larger gig boxes are what allow you to watch 4k videos nice and smooth. The more RAM you have the smoother the 4K video will play. If you buy a TV box with less RAM Chances are, all the 4K videos will play awful or even refuse to play. So if you wish to watch videos at 60 frames per second or higher, we’ll recommend the boxes with at least 3 gigs of DDR3, or 2GB of DDR4. That’s the minimum we would recommend. DDR 4 Ram is three times faster than DDR 3 so if you can try and get something with DDR 4.

Can I Chromecast or Screen Mirror?

Android TV boxes come with Miracast which is chrome cast features built-in to allow you to mirror your Android device on the big screen. However, there is another app called Splashtop that will allow you to mirror your PC screen directly onto your Android TV box. You will then be able to fully control your Windows PC from your Android TV box which opens the doors for many possibilities.

This is great for playing games watching movies or accessing your files or photos to share with everyone on the big screen. With Splashtop remote desktop, you’re not just mirroring your screen you’ll actually be controlling your PC completely from the Android TV box.

Are Benchmarks Important?

Some people say benchmarks are not everything but what they don’t know is the fact that a typical Android test will analyze your device and push it to its limit to find out how well it can perform in full important performance areas which are 3D graphics, RAM, CPU, and user experience.

Now if you have a TV box that is slow and struggles with general performance in gaming, you are going to get low benchmark scores on the other hand if you have a device that is great in all categories your score would be naturally higher. Every time you run a benchmark test on the same device you will get slightly different scores. So it’s important to run the test at least three times back to back and take the high score from the results.

Wrapping Up

Alright, friends, this is just a glimpse of what an Android box is and some of the things you can use this tv box to do. we hope you find these simple tips helpful. if you do then please don’t forget to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and all the social media platform you find yourself. leave a comment below in case in need further clarification on these Android boxes.


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