What Is A Smart TV And How Does It Work? – Beginners Guide


In today’s world, everything is smart. We have smartphones, a smartwatch, and now smart TV.  The TV set has passed through some generational change, from CRT TVs, LED/LCD TVs to Smart TVs in the modern-day.

Smart TVs are like bigger smartphones. You can use almost all things available in the smartphone on your Smart TV’s

A smart TV is a TV set that aid to stream movies, TV shows, and play games through the internet without the need to use a third-party box such as Firestick or Roku.

Today nearly every TV manufacturer prefers to produce smart TVs for the market. Years back, the smart TV market was not in abundance but with the continuous rise in popular streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube, this type of TV has now become flooded in the TV market. Every TV outlet sells smart TV on their shelves.

For countries like the USA, UK, and other developed countries, the smart TV has become a common TV that anyone can afford and use. But in my region, the name smart TV still remains a mysterious one. A lot of people can’t differentiate between a smart TV and a normal digital LED/LCD TV.

Smart Tv Smart Tv

Recently, I acquired a new Samsung smart TV for which I use in streaming online content on Netflix, YouTube,  HBO, and Hulu. A lot of the guys were amazed which they keep asking what type of TV is that? They want to buy a similar one since they find it awesome.

As a writer on gadgets and electronics, I then deem it an honor to use this great platform to educate all what is a smart TV, what it can be used for, and some things to look for when buying ing a smart TV.

What is a smart TV?

Smart TVs are the current type of TVs that have access to internet connectivity and support some specific apps. You can use these smart TVs to stream videos on Netflix, YouTube, HBO, and Hulu. It gives one access to a world of content beyond live TV channels.

These days, every smart have an Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi to help you easily connect to the internet. The majority of the current smart TVs also have web browsers through which one can use to surf the internet. Some even have cameras and Bluetooth integrated into them. What makes smart TVs the best is the fact that you can easily mirror your smartphone or tablet screen to the TV for a wide view of your content.

What Can I Use Smart Tv To Do?

You can use smart TV to watch normal live TV which is offered by every TV set. But what makes smart TV the most advanced one is the fact that it can be used to stream additional contents online. Just like a smartphone, smart TVs can also be used to install apps for use.

Most smart TVs come with pre-installs including film and TV streaming services like  Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and ITV Hub. Some social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are also preloaded. If your desire apps cannot be found, you can easily install them from the app store on the TV.

The app store varies from one manufacturer to another. Samsung smart TVs usually required you have a Samsung account before you can install additional apps from the Samsung store.

Also, another thing you can use smart TV to do is screencasting. With smart TVs, you can easily mirror your smartphone screen to your smart TV. When watching videos on YouTube from your smartphone or laptop, you can Chromecast the video directly from the YouTube page to your smart TV screens for wide views.

Things to look for when buying a smart tv

Buying a new smart tv can be more confusing and time-wasting. With the availability of different brands and a wide variety of features, a lot of people finds it difficult to get the best choice when buying a new smart tv. in the previous post, we talked about Some Vital Features to Look Out For When Buying New TV Set. Now we will look at what you should keep in mind when buying a Smart TV.

Let’s take a close look at some of the things to consider when buying a smart TV.

Screen Size: Screen sizes are very important for viewing angle and distance. More distance will keep your eyes safe.

Display Resolution: Selecting the right resolution for your TV will depend on the type of content you consume. While FHD is a good one, 4K is good for better readiness.

Content Discovery: Smart TVs make finding and watching fresh and old connect. You can see all the program which is available in mobiles. User-friendly services will give popular and related content.

Voice Search: No need to type and click all the things. You can search and operate on TV in your voice for a better experience.

Connectivity: Always consider a smart tv that has support for the latest router, wifi, and Bluetooth. some old smart TVs will need an external device in other to get access to an internet connection. these TVs should not be considered.

Prices: Price is always part of the things to consider when buying any electronic gadget. of course, people are not the same. Mr. A’s budget differs from Mr. B’s Budget and manufacturers know this. so they try to balance the electronics market with a high-class group and a lower class group with similar experience.

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