7 Best Working Kodi Addons As at April 2022


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The Kodi community has seen massive growth ever since the Kodi player was developed. Many add-ons were developed to help the community have the best streaming content on their player.

However, for some time now, some developers of these addons ceased to continue with their addon project due to some legal actions against them or lack of support from the community.

Other developers also keep on going with their projects and bring out updates on every version of the app.

If you are a Kodi Player user, and looking for some of the best Kodi addons that will keep on bringing you the best content on your home device, then these add-ons should be an option for you.

Below are some of the best trending Kodi add-ons for the month of April 2022. You will also see the installation process in this article.


The shadow Kodi addon is among the newest addons in the Kodi community which comes to add up to the already existing ones. The addon has the best speed in loading and some great features such as the one-click option that you’ll love. See how to install shadow Kodi Addon here.


The Fen Kodi addon is a multi-source addon, that combines providers and resolvers to give you links to some of the media queries. Fen has been updated recently and in this latest update, there have been some changes that make the addon look more powerful. The updated fen addon now added perk of Fen which provides support for two premium providers (Easynews and Furk). Get the fen Addon installed from this link

Nemesis AIO

The Nemesis AIO Kodi addon is an all-in-one playlist addon for Kodi which can be found in the Stream Army Repository. The add-on comes with a list of great content that you’ll definitely like. Just like any other updates which come to add or improve other features. The latest update for the Nemesis AIO comes with some added features and also fixed some sections such as sports, NFL, MLB, and others. Install the addon here.

Exodus Redux

The Exodus Redux addon went down some months back and was recently back with an update to fix the TVDb errors. The latest version of the addon comes with some changes including the Replacement of Lambdascrapers with Openscrapers. See the step-by-step installation of this addon from here.


The Venom Kodi addon is one of the popular add-ons for movies, tv shows, and Recently Aired Content. Being among the popular working addons in the Kodi community, the Venom addon has been receiving frequent add-on updates and new code development, which is making it much better.

Each update comes with a new section or improves other features to keep the addon in a good state.

The latest updated version of the Venom Kodi addon is v3.6.4. and when you look at the changelog, you will realize the new update comes with some changes and improvements to the previous version. Venom Kodi addon offers its users some features that make the streaming smoother and enjoyable. Install Venom Addon from here.


The Gaia Kodi Addon is one of the popular multi-source addons in the Kodi community that has integration with Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and other premium sources.

It is used for streaming movies, shows, documentaries, and short films from a variety of sources, such as torrents, Usenet, hosters, and video streaming services.

Gaia is optimized for premium services such as Orion, Premiumize, OffCloud, RealDebrid, and EasyNews. You can install the Gaia Addons by following the steps highlighted here


The TEMPTV Kodi addon is a Work in progress addon that gives you a free live IPTV source in Kodi with some one-click movie section.

Being in the beta stage, the addon promises a great future if the developers continue to maintain it. The latest version of the TEMPTV Kodi addon is v2.0.46 and you can follow the below guide to see How to Install TempTV here.

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