How to know If the News Will Sell or Buy on Forex Calendar – Fundamental Trading


Determining whether the news will lead to a “buy” or “sell” decision requires a combination of understanding the news, analyzing the market’s reaction, and considering broader market conditions. Here’s how you might approach it:

Understand the News

Analyze the nature of the news. Is it positive or negative for the currency or asset in question? For example, if economic data shows strong growth, it might be considered positive for the currency of that country.

Compare with Expectations

Compare the actual news release to market expectations. If the news is better than expected, it might lead to a “buy” opportunity, while worse-than-expected news might prompt a “sell” opportunity.

Consider Market Reaction

Watch how the market reacts immediately after the news release. Sometimes, even if the news seems positive if the market was already expecting that positivity, it might not have a strong impact.

Market Sentiment

Consider the prevailing market sentiment. The news might have a different impact if the sentiment is bullish or bearish.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term

Consider the time horizon of your trade. Some news events have short-term impacts, while others can affect markets over the long term.

Technical Analysis

Combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis. Look for support and resistance levels, trends, and other technical indicators to confirm your decision.


Consider correlations between different assets. For example, if positive news for one currency usually leads to a negative impact on another currency, this can guide your decision.

Use Both Sides

You don’t have to make an immediate decision. Depending on the news, some traders opt to wait for initial market reactions and then trade in the direction that aligns with their analysis.

News Analysis Tools

Some trading platforms and services offer news analysis tools that provide insights into the potential impact of news events on different assets.

Remember that news trading is complex and can involve a degree of uncertainty. It’s important to have a clear trading plan, manage your risk, and be prepared for unexpected market movements. Many traders prefer to avoid trading news directly and instead use it as a part of their broader trading strategy. If you’re unsure, consider consulting with experienced traders or financial advisors before making trading decisions based on news events.

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