8 Features You Must Check Before Buying a New Phone


Many are those who buy their smartphone without considering the features of such devices.

It’s important to check smartphone specs (include speed, memory, and processing power) before acquiring them.

Are you planning on buying a new phone?

Hope you are aware there are some  features you should consider before purchasing your new phone?

If you’re not aware, then take it from me.

You cannot buy a phone without taking some features into considerations.

There are a wide variety of smartphones from different manufacturers with compelling prices and features.

This pose a challenge in choosing the right device to suit your choice.

In other to make the right choice,  you need to know some of these best features  in a phone before placing an order.

Today’s post is going to list 8 best features to look for in a device before placing an order.

So without wasting any further time, let’s look at these features.



A Phone’s processor measures the overall performance of the device.

Before you buy any device, it is good to check the processor size of the device.

A high or big size processor will lead to faster open times for apps.

Phones with a better processor will not only increase the fast open times for apps but also come along with better upload and download speeds.


Phone Ram

The next important feature to consider is the size of the RAM.

It is important to look at the size of the RAM because it is critical for multitasking.

Smartphones with high RAM enable you to run multiple tasks at the same time on your device without freezing.

Always look at the RAM size because it plays a major role in the speediness of your device.

Smartphones with 2GB and above are considered best when purchasing a new device.

Internal Storage

Internal Storage

Even though one can buy a huge size SD card and insert it into his or her device, a smartphone user cannot do away with this feature when buying a smartphone.

The internal storage of the phone helps most of the apps that are installed on the SD Card to function.

When the internal storage of a device is full, most of the apps installed on the SD card will not also function properly.

So it is crucial to look for a high size internal storage device to buy.




The battery life span plays a major role when purchasing a new smartphone.

It is advisable to look for a phone with at least a 3,000 mAh battery if you want to enjoy the benefit of a long life battery.

Phones whose battery last for more than 8 hours when surfing the web are considered the best.

Also, it is advisable to buy phones with a removable battery.

Once your existing battery stops to function, you can just change in a new one without having to pay for a replacement service or a new phone.



We are in an era where the camera is considered as one of the best features that every smartphone user looks at before buying his or her new phone.

Most people even consider the camera quality more than the processor because they use their smartphones as their primary source of taking a selfie.

Always look for image quality, the pixel size of the camera before making your purchase.

Look for the following camera feature before making your purchase:

Dual rear-cameras, the lens for wide-angle shots and color effects of the camera.

Display Quality

Smartphone’s resolution, brightness, color quality, and viewing angles are very crucial when it comes to purchasing a new device.

Devices with best resolution, color quality and viewing angles are always the best when it comes to displaying quality.

Phones with a wide range display also allow you to display all your desktop files in a better way.

For lovers of games, always consider this feature crucial whenever you are to buy a new device.

This is because not all the devices have the requisite feature that allows you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Mobile networks

Mobile networks

Most of the phones have a problem with the mobile network.

Some have weak signals whiles others do not support some mobile operators SIM card.

This means Mobile networks should be among the first features that one should consider before buying a new smartphone.

Before you purchase a device, make sure to check whether the following network features are supported by the devices.

Otherwise you will end up purchasing a device with low network connections.

Phones that support CDMA, GSM, HSPA+4G, and Wi-Fi only are considered to be the best.

Screen Size

Features to check when Buying New Phone

The screen size of a phone is sometimes also considered as one of the best features to look for when making decisions to buy a phone.

Although the screen does not count much, to some extent, it matters.

Having a device with widescreen can sometimes help to display the icons better and properly as compare to the small screen.

Many people fall, victims, when it comes to acquiring new devices.

They always want to induce you to buy their phone, without actually explaining to you the details about the phone.

On this note try to always go through the aforementioned features before you buy any new smartphone.

The above features might not be all the factors but are among the best and important ones.

Feel free to let us know if there are other features you also consider when selecting the right device to buy.

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