Samsung 128GB SD Card – Fake or Genuine?


Getting an original Sd card these days is not easy. Many a time people go for a new SD card and at the end, it turned to not to be original.

Original SD Card mostly cost much especially those with big storage size. In Ghana, the lowest price one can afford an original SD card of 32 gigabytes is 35 ghc.

Recently a friend of mine bought a 64gig of SD card and after using it for a week the card got corrupted and that ends it.

As an electronic device lover and a writer on these devices, I always get confronted with a whole lot of question from friends and readers.

People always want to hear from us before placing an order.

Some weeks back one of the readers asked a question concerning a Samsung 128GB SD Card sold for Ghc41 on kikuu and wanted to know if is fake or genuine.

Samsung 128GB SD Card

In order to be able to answer this question to the fullest of my understanding, I took a step and went ahead to purchase this SD card from the store and the said price.

The product was delivered to me a few days and ago.

Samsung 128GB SD Card

I have used the product and feel like I can now answer this reader of ours.

So in this article, I am going to give you my honest review of this product.

Brand Name: Samsung

Memory Capacity: 128GB

Storage Type: TF (MicroSD) Card

Read/Write Speed: Other

Features and Specs


Suitable for all the latest Samsung smartphones. If you have an old Samsung device this EVO+SD card might not be compatible.


The device description says 128 GB. But due to the difference in factory design, the product capacity may differ. Mine came with 124GB storage instead of 128 GB. But this is normal. The manufacturer guarantees an Available capacity of 90 to 93% storage.


Speed is influenced by many different factors: interface, computer condition, test software, systems use, etc. But the average read speed is 80MB/s and write speed of 20MB/s.


Samsung is a very big and famous storage product factory, but the chips of its products are selected to good quality chips companies around the world.


Samsung guarantees the products are 100% original, but manufacturer has the right to amend it, so appearance and packaging design may change without prior notice, at the same time and they may not undertake any responsibility


For electronic storage products, a little capacity cannot be read and tested, it is normal, not a product quality problem.

The Samsung evo+micro sd ultra-high-speed memory card has a compatible speed rating 1(U1) and class 10, to capture the wonderful screen, clear recording, and playback of full HD video.

In addition, it has up to 80MB/s read and writes the speed of 20MB/s, making file transfer, application, and video download faster.

The SD card can be used with smartphone, tablet, computer and camera to easily capture a wonderful moment in full HD video.

According to the provider, the SD card can withstand both cold and hot weather from -25 degree Celsius to 85 degree Celsius. This is yet to be verified.

Tips on using the card for the first time

  • Use quality USB 3.0 card reader to verify all memory cards by H2testw on PC.
  • The real memory card should pass H2testw with no error.
  • Don’t use a cheap card reader to test Micro SD card, speed of Micro SD card will be reduced by the low-quality card reader.
  • Micro SD memory card speed is greatly affected by a card reader and the capacity you choose, USB port, etc.
  • The low-quality device will 100% slow down card speed, 1MB=1000KB.


Haven’t used the SD Card for some days now, I can say the product is genuine and not fake. The price may make the product to look suspicious but it not.

A lot of buyers of this product also had the best experience with the product. See the feedback below.

Samsung 128GB SD Card

Alright, this is where we come to the end of the Samsung Evo+SD Card review. We hope this review will be of help to you.

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