Free Apps That Can Change Your Android Looks Into iPhone view


Change Android Look To iPhone

iPhone is one of the cherished smartphones for many people out there! But due to its cost and scarcity in the system, many of its admirers can’t afford to buy it.

Android, on the other hand, tend to be common in the system with many affordable prices.

If you are fond of iPhone and due to certain reasons you could not buy it, but still have the taste of feeling its look on your Android phone, then you can use an Android launcher to change the interface of your phone into iPhone looks.

Android Launchers can help you to change your smartphone’s user interface, icons and faster user experience with no cost or little cost.

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There are thousands of Android apps (both free and paid) out there you can use to make your Android phone look like an iPhone.

These apps will seamlessly change Android Look To iPhone view.

But among the several apps out there, these are the best ones that we have tried and confirm that they are worth installing if you want to really have a look of the iPhone on your Android smartphone.

So let’s look at the list and their various features.


iLauncher is one of the best iPhone launchers on the market that can give its users the iOS interface on their Android smartphone.


This launcher has the free and the paid version; both have a great interface and functionalities. But to enjoy the full features and ad-free, you need to upgrade it to the premium version.

iLauncher supports icon packs and other handfuls of themes of some of the Android launchers like Nova, Apex, and other popular Android launchers.

Not only it supports icon packs, but also has some quality animations and smooth infinite scrolling through your installed apps. Download the App here

xOS Launcher

XOS Launcher 2019 Customized

This is a Simple but Beautiful Launcher with low weight that does not use much memory and CPU resources to operate. This Launcher will help your phone run with super speed and smooth operation.

xOS Launcher comes with some several smartphone features including Simple, lightweight, Customizable home screen with different theme option, Deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier, Smart widgets, Effects, Flexible theme options and much more. Download the App from here

Control Panel – Smart Toggle

If you have ever seen iPhone you will notice that it has a smart toggle that you can use to switch from one app to another.


The control panel smart-toggle app for Android is also aimed at performing such function on your Android phone.

You can immediately toggle your switch and open your favorite Android apps with the control center.

This is really a great app that can transform your Android interface to that of iPhone because, it Support Lock screen display, Data Connection, Different background color(gray and black, Music Control(Play/Pause/Next, Customize the favorite app shortcuts, Real-time Battery info display, Shortcut for Camera and many more. Download the App from here

iNoty OS13

This is another must-have Android launcher that you can use to get a lot of iOS features on your Android phone.

Change Android Look To iPhone

Some of the features that can be found in this app include the notification center of the iPhone on your Android device, Customize inotify information on the notification bar, High quality and very fast to show notification, Show date-time with the format of iPhone x, Show weather info, sock, and other information.

To use this app just Install the app and then open notification app, Enable app from setting to make iNoty OS13 default notification and you are done. Download the App from here

CleanUI-Launcher iOS 13

CleanUI is an all in one launcher designed to give Android smartphones the best look for iPhones. All in one because it has almost all the features that most of the iPhones launchers for Android has.

Change Android Look To iPhone

The best thing about this launcher is that it is ad-free, but offers more features and functionality than its alternatives.

Like control panel smart-toggle, this launcher also has the toggle feature built into it, you can customize status bar color for apps, select three different notification reminder styles (none, banner, alert), quickly activate the camera to capture the beautiful scenery without unlocking your devices.

Control system functions such as Airplane Mode, Wireless, Bluetooth, by just a simple swipe and much more. This is a totally free app on the play store.


This brings us to the end of our discussion. You can download  them to also experience some of the features and feelings of iOS on Android.

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