How To Send Photos In WhatsApp Without Losing Their Quality


Send Photos In WhatsApp Without Losing Quality: WhatsApp has become the number one medium of communication between peers. People prefer to send and receive files through this popular messenger.

Each day, thousands of files are been sent through WhatsApp and these files get to the target person with is resolution been changed.

Even though the changes to the resolution cannot be easily seen when viewing on a phone, but viewing on a PC reveals the changes.

Many people feel disappointed when they receive the file most especially the image files and its quality was changed as seen with the original image.

In the past, many have tried to get the solution for sending photos on WhatsApp without losing their quality. Most methods were found to be helpful since they help to minimize the vast change in the quality as compared to when sent ajar.

A new method that seems to be the best has been found and in this article, we are going to see that. Without much ado, Let’s take a look at How to Send Photos in WhatsApp without Losing Their Quality

Send Photos In WhatsApp Without Losing Quality

Sending an image on WhatsApp the normal way (tap the Attachment icon>Gallery>select the images and send) gives room to compression of the image by WhatsApp. So in other to send photos without losing the quality, you need to follow these simple steps.

Instead of sending the file as a jpeg or png format, you can send it as PDFs, APK files, or Txt files. Images sent as a document, pdf, and apk in WhatsApp reached the receiver in its own resolution. This means the receiver will receive the image without its resolution being shrunk by WhatsApp.

How to Send Image As Doc File.

To send an image as a document, First Tap on the file attachment icon located at the top right corner or down the right corner of the WhatsApp messenger.

Send Photos in whatsapp without losing quality

Now tap on Document, this will bring up all the PDFs, APK files, or Txt files on your device.

Here, select “Browse other docs” and choose the Images folder from there.

Once you locate the folder where your image is saved, select the folder then pick your image. The image attached will be of the original file size.

How To Send Whatsapp Image as document

Now tap on the Send button to send the image. The image will now be sent to the receiver and she or he can download and view it as it stands without any change in quality.

How To Send Whatsapp Image

If you want to send these images in bulk, the easiest way is to compress all the images into a zip file and then send them at a go. In that case, the receiver has to unzip the files after he/she has received them.

You can use Explorer File Manager or any of the zipping apps on the playstore to zip your files then follow the same process as seen above to send your images without compromising quality.

That my friend is a simple method on how to Send Photos On WhatsApp Without Losing their quality. Hope you found this helpful if you do please share these tips on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and all the social media platform you find yourself.

Now is your turn. Do know any way of sending images on WhatsApp without losing quality? Share with us in the comment if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks for your time and see you in the next article.

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