Send Mobile Money to Ghana, Nigeria & Kenya With Wave Money Transfer


Being in countries such as the US, Canada, UK, and other European countries as an African or someone who has a relative in Africa means that, occasionally you maybe want to send some money to your relatives in that continent.

In most cases, people staying abroad find it difficult to send money to relatives in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and other Africa countries due to the struggle they go through in doing so.

In the past, there have been some financial gateways (MoneyGram and Western Union) that aid in a smooth transaction from Abroad to Africa countries.

But today, most of these financial gateways have made some changes to their services which makes it difficult for citizens living in Europe to easily send money to a relative in Africa.

Throughout the years, there has been some new development to the ways in which one can use to send money to African countries most especially citizens of Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Citizens of these countries living abroad can now send mobile money to their relatives in Africa through a fintech Mobile App call Sendwave. This wave money transfer fintech institution has a mobile application developed for both Android and iOS users that can help to easily send mobile money to Africa with a few clicks.

Using this App, one can easily Send Money from the US, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Canada to East and West Africa within a few seconds.

Some of the Features of Wave Money Transfer

  • Instant, NO FEE transfers from your debit card (including PostePay in Italy) to mobile money accounts in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria
  • Send money as easily and quickly as a text
  • Personal support 7 days of the week
  • Realtime updates on the status of your transfer so you always know where your money

How to Use Wave Money Transfer to Send Mobile Money

As I said earlier, the App has been developed to serve both platforms (Android and iOS users). In other to use the service of the wave money transfer, you must have the app installed on your smartphone.

Installing this app is as simple as installing any other Android or iOS app. All you have to do is to get to the Play Store or Appstore and search for SendWave in the search box. or you can tap here to download the app for Android and here iOS users.

Once the app is installed on your Smartphone, you’ll have to signup to the app using your full name, email and phone number.

Make sure to fill in the right details at this stage. After registering the app, you can now send money from the US, Canada, Uk, Ireland, Italy and spend to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and other African countries with less or no sending fees.

How to Send Money Using  Sendwave App

Once you’re able to register successfully on the sendwave app, you’ll now have access to the full app interface. on the app menu, you’ll see the option to send money. Tap on it and then fill in the required information to finish up the transaction.

You’ll need to enter Recipient FULL Name, and the Amount to be sent. Here, once you enter the amount in $dollar or the related currency, the total amount to be received by the recipient will be shown to you in the recipient’s local currency equivalence.

Check and confirm the details keyed in are correct and then you can tap on the send button to finish up the process.

How Can the Recipient Withdraw the Money?

Once the transaction is successful, the recipient of the money in Africa will receive a mobile money alert message and from there, he or she can go to any nearby mobile money outlet and cashout the money.

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