Nabco New Trainees Selection: You Can Now Check Your Selection Status


The nation builders corps (NABCO) has started unpending trainees who were previously on pending. This means if you have ever applied for Nabco and passes through the necessary process but still, your selection status was on pending you can from today ongoing login to your portal and check for your selection and placement status.

Nabco New Recruitment Portal Open-

Follow the Below Steps to Check your status

# First visit the Nabco portal address from this link

# Once you are on the page, you will be prompted to enter your login details. These details include Your Nabco Number and that of Your Password.

Nation Builders Corps

# Once you enter the correct details, you will be login to the portal.

# From the portal, you will be able to see your status there. That’s whether you are selected waiting for placement or you are still on pending waiting selection. NB: Before you have access to your Selection status on the portal, you will need to answer the trainee’s evaluation form which will be seen once you login to the portal.

What To Do Next After Selection

Once you visit your portal and found out that you have been selected, the next thing to do is to visit your District, Municipal or Regional Nabco office. This is to inform the office of your Selection. After going to the office, you should exercise patience and wait for further instructions from the National Nabco Office.

Once everything is settled, Nabco will send you a placement message and that will aid you to start working. From here all that you need to do is to stay alert because at anytime the placement message will be sent to you.


What To Do if your Placement is still Pending

After checking and your placement is still on pending, there are two things you can do. You can choose to wait patiently hoping for a Selection message from Nabco, or You can Visit the Nabco office near you to lodge a complaint. Some district has a list where people on Pending can go to register their Names for further action to be taken.

About Nobco

The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) programme is a government initiative to address graduate unemployment to solve social problems. The focus of the initiative will be solving public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, technology, governance and drive revenue mobilization and collection.

Under The Programme, Graduates Will Be Trained, equipped with The Necessary Work Tools and Deployed Around the Country to Engage in The Following Programmes:

The Nation Builders Corps program seeks to offer about 100,000 job opportunities to the Ghanaian youth who have received tertiary education but are yet to get jobs in government institutions or private sectors.

The programme designed to meet the pressing needs of the nation by engaging the beneficiaries for three (3years), and these trainees are expected to earn a monthly stipend of GHC700.
Read More about Nabco from the Official website.

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