Vodafone 2Moorch Data Bundle Offer, See How to Activate & Enjoy 20GB at Low Price


The internet has become the number one interesting space to be in today’s live endeavor. Businesses, Individuals, and even religious organizations conduct their daily activities through the internet.

With the emergence of the COVD-19 pandemic, People have turned to consume more data bundle since they have to stay home and conduct their daily business.

As a regular user of the internet, you can attest to the fact that the cost of a data bundle in our part of the world is something that needs more attention.

Unlike other regions, where data is relatively cheaper, in Ghana, data is something that seems to be close to gold.

Getting your desire data package from the Network providers means you have to drain your pocket to the most. Because of that, most people are looking for some other alternatives packages that can meet their requirements at a low cost.

Today almost all the data service providers have rolled out some interesting offers for their customers to subscribe.

Even though these recent packages have some reasonable data allocations with a cut down in prices,  the fact still remains the same, some average Ghanaian users can’t afford these data which will help them to surf the internet to the fullest.

Vodafone Ghana, which seems to have more special packages for their users, have in the past roll out these offers, and in a recent update, comes the 2Moorch data offer.

This offer comes in different packages but in this post, we are going to look at the 20GB of the 2Moorch special offer.

How to Activate the Vodafone 2Moorch offer

The 2moorch special offer gives its subscriber a 20GB data bundle which lasts for 30days.

The offer comes in two packages. 10GB for normal browsing and 10GB for night usage.

This means, out of the 20GB, half is used to browse on a normal day, but the remaining half can be used only in the night(12 to 4).

The Package comes at a cost of GHS 50, and this can be beaten up to as low as 20 cedis if you follow this simple trick that I will be showing to you at the end of this post.

To subscribe to the offer, you’ll have to top up your SIM Card with the GHS 50 airtime and then dial the shortcode *700*360#.

Dialing the above code will automatically activate the offer for you ‘ if and only if ‘ you have sufficient airtime on your account.

Now beat down the price, you can use a third-party app to purchase the airtime. using the app, you’ll be given a discount on the amount to be paid.

For instance, when you purchase airtime of  ‘Say’ 50 cedis, you can pay only 20 cedis and you’ll get the full 50 cedis airtime credited to your account.

See the full details of the app and talking off from this link. You can drop your comments in the box below if you find any difficulty in getting this app or any help setting up the App.

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