10 Clear WhatsApp Features Every User of the App Should know


10 Clear WhatsApp Features Every User of the App Should know: We have seen a lot of updates from the WhatsApp developers. Each update comes with a different if not improved features. There are many features that you can use on the WhatsApp application to increase your usability in the popular messaging platform. Most of these features are clear for everyone to see whiles others are hidden. In this post, we are going to reveal some of the Clear WhatsApp Features that you may not know they exist in the WhatsApp application.

Below are the 10 Clear WhatsApp Features that every user of the WhatsApp messenger might want to know.

How to tag a friend in WhatsApp group chat

This feature allows you to tag a friend to a conversation in any group that you belong to. The tag function alerts the person who has been tagged to a conversation in a group, and also a personal message will be sent to that person letting him or her know that someone has mentioned his or her name in a particular post on a group chat.


How to tag a person in a chat


To know how to tag someone to a chat in a group follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you are using the latest WhatsApp on your phone. If the app is not updated make sure to update it.
  • Navigate to any group you belong to on WhatsApp and type “@”
  • A list of your friends in the group will pop up for you to select who you want to tag.
  • Now type your message and click the send button. Your friends will be tagged instantly
  • The person you tagged will be notified personally that someone from the group “group name” tagged him or her.

How to Star a message on WhatsApp

The starred feature in WhatsApp allows you to bookmark a message you find interesting or educative for easy identification when the need arises. Many people only see the feature but don’t know what is used for. Some will not see it if their WhatsApp is not updated. So we have decided to write this post to highlight some of its uses. Follow the steps below if you want to star any message on WhatsApp.

Star a message in whatsapp

  • Open your WhatsApp and scroll through your messages to find the one you wish to bookmark.
  • Tap on the message and hold to highlight the message.
  • Now, look at the navigation bar you’ll see the star symbol,  tap symbol to star the message as shown in the image below.
  • After tapping on the symbol, the message will be starred to the person who posted it and it will also be stored in starred messages.
  • Whenever you want the message again just Look for the starred message option under the WhatsApp menus and tap on it.

How to change the chat screen background

Sometimes the default WhatsApp background might be boring to you and you may want to change it. The following steps can take you through how to change it and put your own background. You can change the background with any picture you want and to make your background looks more attractive when conversing on WhatsApp.

Clear WhatsApp Features

  • Open the app, select a contact to open the chat screen
  • Now tap on the menu to display the options
  • Tap on wallpaper from the list that appears
  • Now a dialog box will appear with options to select the picture you want to make the background.
  • After selecting the picture, the preview window will appear for you to set the picture the way you want it.
  • Now tap on SET to make it active and that should be all you have successfully changed your chat screen background.

How to back up your conversations to Google drive

If you have important messages on your WhatsApp chat and you don’t want to lose them when the otherwise happens, you can back up your files to the cloud precisely Google drive. Google has given all its service users a free space online to save their files. You don’t have to worry about any security issue since your files will be saved and monitored by Google.

Follow the instructions below to save or backup your files to Google drive

  • Open the app and go to options and then settings
  • Under setting, locate chats and then look for chat backup
  • Tap on the chat backup and a list of backup options will appear, choose the one you want by tapping on it
  • After selecting the option, wait for your chats to backup and that’s all. Now you will be able to access your chats any time you need them.

How to Disable WhatsApp last seen feature

The last seen option on WhatsApp tells when you came online. This can be used by friends to track your movement on WhatsApp. There are times that you don’t want anyone to know your last seen due to some reasons. This post can help you to disable the feature so that no one can tell when you open your WhatsApp. To deactivate the last seen option follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings >privacy last seen
  • Tap on the last seen option and it will prompt you to choose the option you want
  • To prevent people from seeing you’re last seen, then select the nobody option
  • Now that you have disabled the option, no one will be able to see your last seen again until you change it back to everyone option.

How to activate the message pop up notification

WhatsApp message popup notification allows you to get a notification from your WhatsApp, even if you did not open the app. if you don’t want to miss any of your important WhatsApp messages, then, you need to turn on this feature. With the feature turned on, any message sends to you from your WhatsApp friends will pop up on your screen. This means even if the app is closed, you can see your messages and read them in time. To activate this function follow the steps below:

  • Go to settings>notification>popup notifications.
  • Under the popup notification select always show a popup
  • After selecting this option that’s all now you can start receiving notifications from the app.

How to lower the amount of data usage during WhatsApp calls

If you always make calls with your WhatsApp and the data consumption rate is high you can use these tips to minimize it.

How to lower the amount of data usage during WhatsApp calls

  • Go to settings>data usage>call settings
  • Under the call, settings look for low data usage if is not checked, make sure to check it.
  • Once you check it, that’s all now the rate of consumption will be minimized whenever you make a call on the app.

How to Stop WhatsApp media Auto-download

The latest WhatsApp update has come with the auto-download feature which is not good for some of the users of the app. The feature allows your App to auto-download any media file that has been sent to you on WhatsApp. There are times you don’t want that, but because you have no knowledge of how to stop it, you tend to lose a lot of your data.

How to Stop WhatsApp media Auto-download

The steps below will walk you through how to stop the auto media download and then save you from the extra data consumption.

  • Go to settings>data usage>multimedia auto-download.
  • Here look for the option “when using mobile data”, by default the photo option will be checked, tap on it to uncheck it.
  • After unchecking the various options you don’t want, then tap on OK to save the changes.
  • That’s all now no media will be downloaded without your approval.

How to change the font size of WhatsApp chat screen

Clear WhatsApp Features

By default, WhatsApp comes with a small chat screen font size. But you can change this default font size to the one that best suit you. And to do that, follow the steps below:

  • Go to settings>chats>font size
  • Tap on the font size to choose the font size you want from the three font size options.
  • After choosing your font size tap on OK to save it and that should be done.

How to know whether your friend has blocked 

There are times that you message a friend for several days without getting a reply from him or her. Could it be that he or she has blocked you? No problem if those thoughts always run through your mind whenever such happen. You can use these tips to find out. The below post will walk you through the simple step-by-step procedure you have to follow to be able to know whether someone has blocked you or not.

  • To know if you have been blocked by a friend on WhatsApp try to access the persons last seen history. If you are able to see the last seen then he or she did not block you.
  • The second thing that you can use to know whether you have been blocked or not is by looking at the person’s profile picture. If you have been blocked by someone, you will not be able to see his or her profile picture.
  • Finally, if you are in a WhatsApp group with that person try to see whether he or she is active in that group by monitoring his or her conversations on the group.


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